About the Founders

Myriam Lapidus is an energy healer and natural vision coach who helped her brother recover from autism when he was a teenager. She has been blessed with the special gift of full spectrum energy healing, a form of hands-on energy healing specialized in treating individuals with autism spectrum disorders. In college, she created an organization that provided services to individuals with autism and their families and has also worked at a center that provided ABA treatment for autism, where she saw the limitations of this approach. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Scripps College in Environment, Economics, and Politics.

Mana Nowak is one of the most knowledgeable health experts in the country and has a vast amount of knowledge regarding nutrition and health. He is a gifted healer who does hands-on energy healing, sound healing, and has provided nutritional consultations for athletes and many clients. He is also a Shaolin Martial arts (qi gong, tai chi, and kung fu) teacher and has studied it for over 10 years. Using his experience, vast knowledge, and resources, he will help to create the best possible treatment program for each child he works with.