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Mom and Son

Jumpstart your child's wellbeing journey and stop the meltdowns for good

Do you feel overwhelmed, having spent countless hours and thousands of dollars on your child's therapies and appointments?

Do you stay up at night wondering what will happen to your child in the future?

Will they one day be able to be independent and thrive in today's society?

What will happen to them as an adult?

Like many of your peers, you have likely tried many different therapies for your child. Going from appointment to appointment, hoping that the next therapy will help.

ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, countless doctor's appointments, you've tried all of these and more.

Perhaps you have turned to medications, and seen little, if any improvement.

Or perhaps your child has just been diagnosed, and you do not know where to begin.

Or perhaps you have seen some improvement with some therapies, but know that, deep down, your child can improve even more.

Ultimately, you know that there has to be a solution that can help your child not just survive, but to thrive.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. The world of autism can be confusing and lonely. Few individuals understand what it can be like to have a child with autism, unless they have a child with autism themselves.

What's worse is that many solutions for autism are not only ineffective but can be downright harmful. It can be hard as a parent to find the time to research all of the different options and know where to start and which solutions will actually help, and not make things worse.

That is why I have researched the best methods for helping children on the autism spectrum to thrive that are safe, effective, and non-invasive.

Within your child is the potential to be a happy and healthy child ready and able to thrive in today's world. 

Autism Wellbeing Jumpstart

The Autism Wellbeing Jumpstart is a 14-day online course created to jumpstart your child's path towards wellbeing. The Autism Wellbeing Jumpstart provides an overview of different approaches to autism recovery and shows you how you can start your child's journey towards recovery today! Learn the tools and techniques that took over 16 years of research to discover. The course will cover factors that may be affecting your child, as well as step-by-step solutions including nutrition, detoxification, and effective modalities.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

This 14-day course will be broken up into short videos released every 2 days with resources for implementation. This overview course will get you started on your child's journey back to wellness with tracking tools and resources to implement the methods discussed.

  • Improved Digestion
  • Improved Speech & Communication
  • Calmer Moods
  • The potential for your child to be healthy & happy + fulfill their purpose

Our Proprietary 4-Step Process

1. Individualize
THe Protocol
  • Learn how to track your child's progress to quantify changes in behavior and symptoms
  • Individualize your child's protocol by reviewing your child's journey thus far and identifying what has been the most effective to inform the next steps in your child's unique process to recovery
  • Begin to restore the microbiome and gastrointestinal system
  • Learn about the best diet and foods to help alleviate your child's symptoms
  • Learn about a product that has helped some children go from non-verbal to verbal in just 2 weeks! (Learning about just this product alone makes the course's price worth it many times over)
3. DETOX Heavy metals
  • Learn simple, safe, and effective ways to detox the body naturally without the side effects of chelation therapy
  • Learn how to select high-quality supplements and how to start the detoxification process
  • Detox the body, mind, and home to create a safer & healthier environment for your child; As a result, your child will be calmer and healthier.
4. balance The Brain
  • Learn about modalities and technologies that can help re-balance the body and brain
  • Learn about common pitfalls that may reverse your child's progress and how to avoid them


Julie Lapidus has been researching the top innovations and methods in the field of brain health and autism for the last 16 years. She is the founder and CEO of Autism Evolution, which helps those on and off the spectrum find wellbeing from within. She has been trained by some of the top health practitioners in the world. She has consulted with clients in both outpatient and residential settings.

She holds a Master’s of Science in Sustainable Development from HEC Paris and an Master's of Science in Sustainable Management from Fundacao Getulio Vargas. She served as a director of integrative behavioral health facility Alternative To Meds Center for 3 years.

She is currently in the process of publishing her first book on the causes of autism and how to address it. In addition to being a holistic wellbeing coach and biohacking expert, she is a certified natural vision improvement coach, a licensed massage therapist (specializing in CranioSacral therapy), and an intuitive emotional healing coach. She looks forward to seeing how she can best be of service on your family’s wellbeing journey.

Hear From Our Customers:

Donny D.


Absolutely amazing...highly recommend

Julie is an absolutely amazing intuitive, helper, healer and knowledgeable practitioner in the wellness business. I have been using her as a therapist, consultant, friend, and expert for a year now and she never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge on new ideas and protocols. I would highly recommend anyone in the world going through any issue both mentally and physically to utilize Julie and the resources that she has at her disposal.

Gia B.


Made a profound and positive difference...I highly recommend her

Julie is a very magical coach. She intuitively knew exactly how to work with me, bring out of me what I needed to do to move towards my goals, and coax my commitment to doing what I needed to do. She has a diverse toolbox of activities, techniques, processes, nutrition and supplement knowledge, and other modalities to draw from, and warmly explores with her clients to apply what they're comfortable with, resonate with, and what is most helpful for them. Julie's coaching made a profound and positive difference for me and I highly recommend her.

Jennifer W.


The results have been incredible...

I had an opportunity to work with Julie after meeting her online. My experience with EFT was very limited and I was curious to work with someone. Julie has a warm and caring manner that put me immediately at ease. She described the process thoroughly and spent considerable time guiding me through it. I learned a lot in the process. After our session I felt empowered to try it more regularly myself. The results have been incredible and I am grateful to have got to work with Julie. EFT is an effective tool, I use it often.”

Course Modules

Jumpstart your child's wellbeing journey naturally


Module 1: Tracking Progress and Getting Started

Begin your child's wellbeing process by reviewing your child's recovery journey thus far, and getting a baseline to quantify and track your child's progress on a weekly basis using tracking tools used specifically for biomedical approaches. Factors that can affect the pace of recovery are also discussed.

Part 1: Orientation and Getting Started

Part 2: Getting a Baseline: Measuring Progress Weekly

Part 3: Your Recovery Journey Thus Far

Part 4: Factors that Can Affect Recovery


Module 2: Beyond The Diagnosis: Individualizing your Child's Recovery Journey

Autism diagnosis case studies are reviewed to identify if any of them are similar to your child's diagnosis journey to better understand the factors that may need to be addressed in your child's wellbeing journey. Potential causes and environmental factors that may contribute to autism are reviewed. For instance, did you know that 80% of individuals with autism in one practitioner's clinic had the same blood type? Can you guess which blood type it is?

Part 1: Autism Case Studies

Part 2:  Potential Causes


Module 3: Jumpstart Your Child's Journey To Wellbeing

Jumpstart your child's journey to wellbeing and begin the implementation process. Different biomedical approaches to autism are reviewed including the best diet and foods that have been statistically shown to alleviate symptoms. We discuss strategies for gut health restoration and detoxification. The best forms of exercise and movement-based modalities for children with autism are also reviewed.

Part 1: Dietary Approaches

Part 2: Nutritional Guidance

Part 3: Exercise and Movement-based Modalities


Module 4: Detox the Home and Body

There are a number of common pitfalls that can reverse progress in autism, even after gains have been seen. For instance, did you know that common activities such as swimming or petting beloved Fluffy the family dog can cause your child to regress? It is important to know what to avoid to prevent a reversal in progress. We also look at how to detox the home, personal care products, and improve water quality so that your child can thrive in their home environment.

Part 1: Common Pitfalls that Can Reverse Progress

Part 2: Water Quality

Part 3: Detoxing the Home


Module 5: Other Modalities that Can Help

There are a number of modalities and technologies that can help with autism. Some of these are explored and discussed. We also look at how to re-balance the brain and craniosacral rhythm. The next steps to continue your child's journey beyond this 14-day crash course are also introduced so that you can fully restore your child back to wellbeing.

Part 1: Other Modalities that Can Help

Part 2: Next Steps Beyond the Autism Wellbeing Jumpstart

What You'll Receive

24/7 On-Demand Access

Access whenever, from wherever you are

A Short & Sweet Course

A short 14-day Course with bite-sized videos for the overwhelmed parent

Workbooks & Resources

Accompanying worksheets and a food & behavioral journal are provided with resources to implement the course material.

What Makes Us Different

  • By signing-up today, you will have priority access to this groundbreaking course, based on 16 years of research with the top medical and autism experts in the world.
  • Autism Wellbeing Jumpstart is for the overwhelmed parent, ready to learn what it takes to jumpstart their child's progress through a unique simple, step-by-step process.
  • This is an on-demand course, and can be accessed whenever and wherever you are, from any device.
  • Accompanying workbooks for implementation are included.
  • By signing-up today, you will have priority access to additional support and coaching to go beyond the course and bring your child to a full recovery.

Start Your Child's Wellbeing Journey Today!

Sign-up now and stop wasting years and thousands of dollars trying to figure it out on your own. Choose a better tomorrow for you and your family.

Normally priced at $299.
Limited Time 84% Off Tuition Discount.

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Start your child's recovery journey today.

When I was in high school, I wanted to become a biomedical researcher to find a cure for autism. However, after an internship at a biomedical laboratory, I realized that working in a lab was not the right path for me. Ironically, I ended up devoting the last 16 years of my life to learning about the best biomedical approaches for autism, and so in a way I became a "biomedical researcher," just not in the way I had envisioned!

In college, I started On The Spectrum, an organization that provided various services for individuals on the autism spectrum. While researching new services to offer, I came across an article that mentioned how a particular diet had been very successful in one practitioner's private practice and that's when my journey to learning about the many different approaches to addressing the root causes and symptoms of autism began. 

My own brother has been recovered from autism twice, and it cost my family many, many years, and many tens of thousands of dollars to figure it out the hard way. I wish to help make your journey much easier which is why I created Autism Wellbeing Jumpstart, providing you with a solution so that your child can heal and fulfill their purpose.

I believe that each child on the spectrum is a catalyst for change for their families, I know my brother was for ours. These precious children are like canaries in a coal mine, acting as wayshowers, illuminating the things in our world that are making them (and us) sick. Because of my brother's healing journey, I was later able to heal myself of several life-threatening health issues, because I knew it was possible. This is the kind of transformation that can occur for not just your child but your family, as well.

I look forward to seeing you in the course and to being of service on your child's journey back to wellbeing.

In service,


Start Your Child's Wellbeing Journey Today!

Sign-up now and stop wasting years and thousands of dollars trying to figure it out on your own. Choose a better tomorrow for you and your family.

Normally priced at $299.
Limited Time 84% Off Tuition Discount.

Save $252 off today:

30 Days


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