Our Protocol

We use a unique healing protocol specifically designed to treat individuals with autism spectrum disorders of all ages.

Because each individual on the autism spectrum is unique and because there is a huge spectrum of cases on this spectrum, this protocol is individually tailored to each person we work with.

This protocol encompasses a combination of dietary guidance, nutritional consultations, a unique form of craniosacral therapy via distance designed specifically to treat individuals with autism, natural vision coaching and supplementary healing modalities, which may be recommended on a case-by-case basis.

4 responses to “Our Protocol”

  1. Karla Sánchez says :

    Ola soy de Venezuela mi hijo tiene 2 años y 7 meses quisiera poder contactarlos para hacerle una dieta correcta Gracias

  2. Gisel says :

    Hola soy mamá de Thiago de 14 años con autismo y me interesa muchísimo el protocolo y recibir información desde ya muchas gracias!

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