Our Services

Our individualized protocol can consist of a variety of different healing modalities, including, but not limited to:

An Individualized Dietary Plan:    
Many individuals with autism spectrum disorders have food sensitivities and gastrointestinal issues. Depending on your child’s profile and needs, we will create an individualized dietary program that has been found to greatly help individuals with autism.

Full Spectrum Energy Healing:
This is a unique form of hands-on energy healing that is specialized in treating individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

Nutritional Guidance:
Using the expertise of our extremely knowledgeable and intuitive nutritional guidance consultant, we will design a nutritional program specifically tailored to your child using the highest-quality products and research available.

Sound Healing:
Sacred sound is used to provide your child with full-body healings on multiple levels. When a part of one’s body is not vibrating at its resonant frequency, it creates imbalance and disease. Sound healing and sacred sound is used to bring one’s body back into a state of resonant vibrational health and balance.

Natural Vision Coaching:
Because the eyes and the brain are intimately connected, natural vision coaching sessions may be used with your child to help them improve their eyesight and brain functioning. This technique uses a combination of the Dr. Bates method, Emotional Freedom Technique, breathing exercises, and other healing modalities.

Physical Education:
We often recommend a physical education program to help children with hand-eye coordination, physical dexterity, and stress management.

Supplemental Services Used:

Other supplemental services that we may recommend depending on the needs of your child include:

Craniosacral therapy
Chinese medicine
And other healing modalities